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Ongoing monitoring 24/7 spotting smarter ways for you to save on your debt. If we find a way to save you money, you'll know about it.

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No more hours wasted while searching for better credit offers. We’ll do the complicated maths to see if refinancing saves you money. 
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Let's ease your financial anxiety

We’re on a mission to make you less stressed and better off financially. BetterCents never stops looking for ways to lower your interest rates and spotting smarter ways to save.

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We’re putting a stop to overpriced credit products by showing you ways to pay less interest in less than 5 minutes, for FREE.
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Hear from our customers

"These guys were able to save me £594 per year the first time I used the platform - they showed me how to consolidate a bunch of credit cards onto a loan and laid out the steps on how to do it“
Meg, Aug 2021
"One of the reasons I use the platform is to learn more about debt switching. They show you the pros and cons of switching and how it relates to your specific situation."
Jane, Aug 2021
"I like that this gives me peace of mind that my debt is being monitored and if there are better products out there they let me know. I don’t have to do the research myself"
Amir, Sep 2021
"I spent two weeks looking for a good remortgage deal. BetterCents helped me find a remortgage in 5 minutes that saved me £4200 per year"
Paul, October 2021
"I really like a place where I can put all my debts. The support service is also amazing and there to help if there are any issues."
Sheila, Oct 2021

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Personalised money saving suggestions

We scan the UK market for the best deals. Get a tailored plan on how to make your debt cheaper.

We're always on & working for you

We'll continually monitor your debt spotting smarter ways for you to save. If we find a way to save you money, you'll hear about it.
Am I overpaying on my debt?Do my APRs seem too high?How do I keep up with my debt obligations?

We've got your back

For many people, debt can feel overwhelming, stressful and complicated. We built BetterCents to put you in full control of your debt.

No nasty shocks

We always make sure our debt suggestions are affordable and specific to your financial situation. No one likes nasty shocks along the way.

Ways customers are using their savings

"I'm making my first overpayment on my mortgage. Something I know I should be doing but never had the extra cash or time to get around to it.“
Meg, Aug 2021
"Nothing like crazy. I’m still paying off an old credit card that I stupidly forgot to close and then I started spending on it again. Now I can finally close that one out.“
Janette, Aug 2021
“Will use my savings for music lessons for my 7 year old.. nice to be able to spend something on what she really wants."
Monir, Aug 2021
"When I was testing the app I noticed I could switch my mortgage deal from Halifax to NatWest which means my monthly payments would go down from £301  to £137!!! So this is what I am doing this week is getting that sorted. Wish me luck!“
Meagen, Oct 2021
"I only wish BetterCents was around 10 years ago as I can only imagine how much I could have saved!“
Sheila, Oct 2021
"A lot of platforms are just in it for themselves, giving you offers even if it doesn't make you better off. BetterCents actually wants to help you be better off.“
Robin, Aug 2021

Keeping your data safe is our number one priority

  • We're committed to the confidentiality, integrity and security of your personal information
  • We'll never sell your personal information
  • Bank-level security measures with SSL encryption secured with 256-bit encryption
Free to use
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