Embedded debt repayment API

BetterCents is the infrastructure to automate the repayment of debt for lenders and credit marketplaces
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Debt repayment tools for the lending industry

Unique lender infrastructure

BetterCents is the only rails upon which debts can be auto repaid in the UK.

Lower loss rates

Supporting customers from slipping into persistent debt spirals.
Smart monitoring
Financial decisioning

FCA debt consolidation oversight

We’re on a mission to make UK customers less stressed and better off financially. Our tech helps to support responsible lending and the Consumer Duty Act.

Financial Inclusion

Providing credit to eligible customers who would otherwise have been excluded from the financial system. As a result lenders can boost affordability scores resulting in 10-30% more volume.
Simplify debt

Embedded debt API

Learn more about our debt repayment tools for the lending industry.
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How it works


One easy-to-use interface

A customer views all of their debts in one interface.

Access live payoff amounts

A customer can view how much of each debt they owe and selects their desired payoff amounts for each debt.

We make the payments

We make payments directly to a customer's existing debtors with the click of a button. We electronically send funds to the financial institutions.

We've got your back

For many borrowers, debt can feel overwhelming, stressful and complicated. We built BetterCents to put consumers in full control of their debt.

Use our payment rails

End-to-end money movement in line with the FCA's Consumer Duty Act.